Anti-corruptionn courses for Students

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This website will educate you on the impact of corruption on society and how to be integrity champions. So let’s get started!

Anti-corruption education

Children are introduced to the concept of corruption; they learn about the costs of corruption in our society and why corruption is bad. They are also introduced to the importance of integrity and what they can do as future leaders.

Creativity and storytelling

Children learn about using fun and creative ways to share what they understand about corruption through short stories, poems, songs, drawings, and others. They also learn about how to act with integrity using creative methods. .

Book reading and prizes

Fun and participatory book reading sessions are held with children. In addition, children who participate in all sessions get free copies of our children storybooks that can be picked up in any of our offices in Lagos or Abuja.


The Flying Start Basic Programme (Students)

The flying start basic programme introduces children to the topic of corruption and why it is bad. Children learn about what corruption is, the different types of corruption and the human cost of corruption. They also learn about the importance of acting with integrity to tackle corruption in society

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Virtual Anti-corruption Education Bootcamp (Students)

This is an advanced educational programme for children. It involves different creative challenges that tests reading, writing, and performing arts skills. It is more intensive than the flying start programme. This course will end with students being tasked with projects: an integrity-based challenge or anti-corruption based challenge.

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