Step Up for Social Development and Empowerment in Nigeria  (Step Up Nigeria)  is a non-governmental organization working towards building bridges between government and citizens to tackle corruption and improve service delivery in Nigeria. We are a creative team looking for innovative ways to tackle corruption and improve service delivery in Nigeria.

About Step Up Nigeria online training courses

Our online training programmes are currently designed to train teachers and students on anti-corruption, its consequences and roles that they can play as citizens to corruption. For teachers, we are currently offering two courses: the flying start basic anti-corruption course and the anti-corruption bootcamp. For children, our courses are designed for those from 7 years-13 years. We can also offer courses for children aged 14-15 years on demand. Our anti-corruption education courses for children are in two categories: flying start and anti-corruption bootcamp. Our flying start anti-corruption courses for teachers is also open to non-teachers interested in gaining knowledge about corruption, lessons learnt and ways to tackle it. 

Why should you Enroll?

Our courses are flexible (you can do it your pace within the training period)

You can participate from the comfort of your home

Interact with anti-corruption practitioners

Interact with other participants in our virtual classroom

Have access to some learning resources

All courses are absolutely free