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Why is anti-corruption education in schools important?

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      Why is anti-corruption education in schools important? List three reasons why we should bother teaching it

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      Adedoyin SimiloluwaAdedoyin Similoluwa

      Anti-corruption Education is important in school because it gives the society, the teacher and the nation as a whole an opportunity to instill the virtues of integrity and dignity of labour to the upcoming generation. It will also help the students to have a mindset that corruption is wrong.

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      Precious OlatunjiPrecious Olatunji

      It is important in school especially in nursery and primary school because it will help us to catch them young. There minds are still pure and plain and it will be better we start writing positive and important thing on the board of their hearts so that we they grow with this value it will be hard for them to indulge in what will disvalue them.

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      Odoh ChinweOdoh Chinwe

      Anti corruption education is important in schools because if we can inform and educate the students on the dangers of corruption from an early age, it will go a long way for them and the economy.

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      Cordelia EboaguCordelia Eboagu

      Anti — corruption education is important in schools because it will create awareness to the younger generation. We see that corruption has eaten deep into the various strata of the society, there is therefore the need to promote good culture as they are still in the level of character development. Train up a child in the way he should go and when he grows up, he will not depart from it is a maxim we should not forget. One good way to prevent corruption is to create that anti corruption consciousness in the lives of children.. Every adult knows that corruption is a canker worm but, how to eradicate it has become an illusion so, it is important to teach it from early age.

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      Ajet SandraAjet Sandra

      The outspoken rebellion by the learners of this generation is a thing of concern. And living in this 21st century is a challenge by default to most primary Pupils and students.
      It is important to teach Anti-corruption Education because of the following reasons. 1. To raise a generation of learners that would be worthy in character and learning. 2. To inculcate the the learners early enough with the negative impact of corrupt practices in school, society and the nation. 3. To raise a generation of learners that would be relevant in the society

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      Margaret AwosikaMargaret Awosika

      There is a saying that says ‘Train up a child when he/her is young, so when they grow old they will not depart from it.’
      This is a practical example that have been observed and tested to be very correct.
      ° The young mind is very susceptible to repeated training.
      ° The young learn faster by visual examples and training.
      ° Old habit never die easily. Behaviours (morals amd values) built over years last ones life time.

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      Emmanuel IGIETSEMHEEmmanuel IGIETSEMHE

      It is very vital because school is the place for moulding a child’s future.
      For us to eradicate corruption in our society school is one of the pillar that can be use as a medium to reach out to Young Minds in the society. So introducing anti-corruption education to our curriculum will help to strengthen the fight against corruption.

    • #2059

      Anti corruption education is a building block for values and morals into the children.
      It is a very important instrument that can be used to mould futures and generations yet them opportunity to showcase the best character needed for societal growth and development.

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      Grace GodspowerGrace Godspower

      Yes Anti corruption Education is very important and it should be taught in school in order to:
      1.Trackle corruption reoccurrence
      2. Prepare the mindset of our young generation to live a life of integrity void of corruption in the nearest future.
      3. Have better Leaders, good government and a well developed nation.

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      Patience AgiendePatience Agiende

      Anti-corruption is important in school because it will help shape the world of the child at a very tender age so he/she grows up knowing is good to have Integrity and it will be difficult for those children to engage in corruption

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      Fatimo OlasunkanmiFatimo Olasunkanmi

      Anti- corruption education in schools is very important because it enables the young ones to know the meaning of corruption,forms of corruption and consequence of corrupt practices.

      Secondly, it will give the young ones clear picture of integrity and run after it (integrity).

      Thirdly, teaching anti corruption education in schools will help not to repeat the same kind of system of government we have now,particularly in Nigeria because these young ones are the leaders of tomorrow. Once we catch them at this level,they will actually do the right thing when they get to that post because they have understood what integrity is and the benefits of integrity,how to navigate from corrupt practices. Also corruption and its consequence,these will help them a lot in making decision in future.

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      Anti-Corruption Education in Schools is very important because it helps to give pupils early knowledge on what corruption entails, the causes and effects on the society. It helps to build their minds on having integrity and also how to be a better person in future.

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      Ernest EbongErnest Ebong

      Anti Corruption Education is Very important in schools, 1. It will help the pupil(s) to know that corruption is act of irresponsibility. 2. That corruption is a threat to development of our immediate society, 3. Corruption denies some set of person privileges and right. 4. It will also help them to know that wealth gotten / acquired through corrupt practices denies our societal development, and they must not be an agent of corruption.

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      Onome OkuribidoOnome Okuribido

      It is important to teach Anti- Corruption in school starting at the Early Years. When children learn it at a tender age it becomes their habit or second nature. “Habits die hard” they say. Once it is their habit they are not likely to behave differently since it is ingrained in them and they know no other way of living. “Catch them young ” is another quote that supports teaching Anti- corruption to children at an early age. A child who has grown up for an example, telling the truth irrespective of whether he is on the wrong and may be beaten will do the same thing when in office.

    • #2160
      Elizabeth AreElizabeth Are

      I think anti-corruption education is important and should be taught in school because children are teachable and learn fast, when you impact the right virtue it stick for a very long time
      Also, we should build in them excellent character of integrity even as they Excel in their studies.
      Again, they need to know the implications of living a corrupt life and that of integrity, then they will be able to choose and live right as they grow to up to occupy various positions in life unlike the older ones now that has become dry fish that is not easy to bend again. We need to train these young ones in the way to go so that when they grow they will not depart from it.

    • #2165
      Emmanuel AdurojaEmmanuel Aduroja

      1. It will enlighten the learners about abstaining from corruption.
      2. It will help learners to see things work out anywhere without engaging it any corrupt practices.
      3. It will help the learners so as to help their corrupt parents in changing their ways by the learners corrections due to the knowledge received about Anti-corruption in school.

    • #2171
      Esther Eke JohnEsther Eke John

      Anti corruption education is important in schools because it is in schools that knowledge can be impacted into the learners that will make them to become useful in the society, so inculcating the valves of anti corruption into the learners at the early age will help eradicate corruption from the society and the nation at large.

    • #2172
      Victor OdehVictor Odeh

      Anti-corruption education is important to be taught in our school in the sense that it helps to catch them young because the country of today where so many wrongs doing have been perceived as the right things. This ideology of seeing wrong as right can be changed at this youthful age.

      Secondly it helps to bring about good governance, good leadership, a leader with integrity and a leader with a difference in the later future.

      Thirdly it helps to make the world a better place since the generation have been groomed in the right direction early in life.

    • #2176
      Abimbola MaryAbimbola Mary

      Anti- corruption education is important to be taught in the school in the sense dat children learn fast. When you impact good thing in them they will stick to it and it will also stay in the there brain.
      Also it brings good leadership, good leader integrity, and with good future
      Also they need to know the implications of living a corrupt life.
      We need to teach them and make them understand how corruption destroy future.

    • #2179
      Shola MosesShola Moses

      Teaching anti corruption is good and very important because;
      1: it help to create alot of awareness to both young and old in the society
      2: it help to tackle corruption and also prepare the mindset of the young people
      3: Anti corruption help not to repeat our past system of government it also help us to make better decision in the future

    • #2181
      Deborah OtokaDeborah Otoka

      Deborah Philip otoka
      Anti corruption is very important to be taught in the school.
      1 . children listen more to their teachers than parents.
      2. School is one of the avenue there children learn.
      3. school are the foundation of any child so if they are taught early it will make an impact on their lives.

    • #2318
      Olaide OladeleOlaide Oladele

      Anti corruption Education in schools is important in order to
      (1) Create awareness in the young and growing learners that poor/bad/failed systems in governance or operations is caused by bankruptcy of societal values which are eroded due to corrupt practices
      (2) Build the foundational blocks of anti corruption values system in them at their tender age
      (3)To prepare and enlist them in the army of people who will lead the crusade against anti corruption in all their sphere of influence
      (4) To achieve an anti corruption free society where we can get what is our right without having to know someone or bribe our way through
      (5) To raise them and indeed all of us to be take RESPONSIBILITY for our actions and also what the society offers.

      Oladele Olaide

    • #2319
      Ogbeifun GodsonOgbeifun Godson

      Anti-corruption education is important in our schools to be taught for the following reasons.
      1. Ground for Great Mind: the school is the home where great minds are born and as well groomed, it would be the right place to start the teaching of anti-corruption education.
      2. The mind of learner’s bend easily to their tutor: it’s far easier for the learner’s to easily adopt and pick up the teaching and even doctrines of their tutor and at an earlier age it would be had let such learning go.
      3. Value added service: when anti-corruption education is taught in our schools it’s a value added service in the sense that it makes one a better material to the society at large

    • #2321
      Gbolahan OlatunjiGbolahan Olatunji

      Anti-Corruption is very important in Schools because children tend to believe the information garnered and taught to them by their teachers. These teachers are employed professionals who are expected to deliver verified information and use different method of teaching to enable wards learn easily.
      The school is the second environment where learners spend most of their time and a strategic place to deliver a structured and interesting Anti-corruption lesson plan.
      Students uphold the qualification requirement needed to move to the next class therefore it is paramount that they are successful in all subjects.
      We can minimally eradicate corruption if not completely by using the school which is an institution of many verified information. These information are instilled in the lives of learners and are properly planned in their curriculum for better understanding

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