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What class should we begin the teaching of anti-corruption education?

Home Forums Virtual Anti-corruption Bootcamp What class should we begin the teaching of anti-corruption education?

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      What class should we begin the teaching of anti-corruption education?

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      Precious OlatunjiPrecious Olatunji

      It should begins from nursery 1 which is age 4. From here they already know their right from left. So nursery 1 is better

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      Odoh ChinweOdoh Chinwe

      I think it can be taught from nursery 2, using pictures and role play then progress to primary and university. I say nursery because there is no age limit as to the knowledge on anti corruption.

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      Cordelia EboaguCordelia Eboagu

      The way a child is trained will go a long way in determining the character of the child when he he grows up, I will recommend the anti corruption teaching should begin in Nursery two (kindergarten). At this class, the child has started to develop some character traits. This can done through story telling or drama.

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      The teaching of anti corruption education should start from the nursery classes.

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      Ajet SandraAjet Sandra

      We have to consider the level of cognitive development in our learners. I would recommend that it should start from primary three

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      Margaret AwosikaMargaret Awosika

      Primary 1

    • #2004
      Emmanuel IGIETSEMHEEmmanuel IGIETSEMHE

      Primary one

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      I advocate from nursery one..using animations,cartoons that will pass the needed message.

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      King OnuohaKing Onuoha

      I think the teaching of anti corruption education should begin, start from nursery two, using story telling and pictures. This is the very level of real learning.

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      Fatima MakarfiFatima Makarfi

      I think it should start as soon as they start reading meaningful stories to them. That is from nur 1. By reading books with moral values and asking/explaining the morals.

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      Olaide OladeleOlaide Oladele

      I think we should begin the teaching of Anti corruption Education from Primary three( age 8 years old)

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      Ogbeifun GodsonOgbeifun Godson

      Children mind are easily swayed, but at a certain age the mind is conditioned and I feel at this age a child keep all experiences intact: This vital age is within the range of 8-10years(primary 3) my submission

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      Gbolahan OlatunjiGbolahan Olatunji

      I think the best class to begin Teaching of Anti-Corruption would be primary one. In this class, we will have the class captain or representative who is appointed by the class teacher. Remember, we said that Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. A class captain in this class could resort to being corrupt by not writing names of class disruptors who may give him or her sweets/chocolates. He or she could resort to favoritism by excluding friends who are also defaulters.

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