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What are your expectations from this course?

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      What are your expectations from this course? (Please reply by stating your name, school, and role in the school)

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      Precious OlatunjiPrecious Olatunji

      Get the tips on how to teach kids anti-corruption
      And also gather contents to take on anti-corruption

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        Ifeoluwa AromolaranIfeoluwa Aromolaran

        My expectations are to have knowledge on developing learning outcomes and lesson plans for teaching anti corruption education to my learners. Provide tools and materials for teaching anti corruption to children.

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      Odoh ChinweOdoh Chinwe

      My expectations is to be equipped with all the necessary skill and knowledge needed to teach students on anti corruption.

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      Ajet SandraAjet Sandra

      My name is Ajet Sandra Alheri. The name of my school is Onward Baptist School, Botswana Crescent Barnawa Kaduna South. I am a primary six class teacher. My expectations for this course is learn all the innovative approaches towards developing lesson plans and learning outcomes in the teaching of Anti-corruption education in my school

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      My expectations are to gain the requisite knowledge and skills needed for the impact on the fight against corruption.
      To build solid networks of like minds who are on the same course.
      To acquire the necessary steps for knowledge transfers.
      To gain the various tips on class management and training so as to get the best result.

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      King OnuohaKing Onuoha

      King Onuoha de king’s international academy. Head Teacher. My expectations are very high based on the importance of the subject matter. I expect to gain greater and wider scope of knowledge on the teaching impartation tips, preparation of lesson notes that will be ideal for children of deferent age and levels. As to influence and expose the children in my school to the gains of integrity as a basic tool to the war against corruption.

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      Elizabeth AreElizabeth Are

      My name is Are Elizabeth. The name of our school is ARESLAND Nur/Pry sch, in Lagos State. I’m the headteacher. My expectations are; to have broad knowledge on how to teach anti-corruption education using various approach, to be able to draw lesson plan and scheme for students at various level, using different teaching AIDS and methods to impact this knowledge of standing for integrity.

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      Onome OkuribidoOnome Okuribido

      Onome Okuribido, Fonier Crest Academy Kurudu-, Abuja. I am a Teacher/ School Leader(Administrator).
      My expectations are: 1. To aquire knowledge & creative skills for teaching young children about anti – corruption and integrity.
      2. To get aquinted with the Tools & Materials available for teaching Anti- corruption to children primary school.
      3. To learn the knowledge & skills for developing learning outcomes and writing lesson plans for the teaching of Anti- corruption to children of primary school age

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      Patience AgiendePatience Agiende

      My name is Patience Agiende
      School: Fonier Crest Academy Kurudu Abuja
      My expectations for this course are:
      1. To gain knowledge and tips on how to teach young children about anti corruption and Integrity
      2. To acquire tools and materials to teach anti corruption to children in primary school
      3. To gain the knowledge on developing learning outcome and developing lesson plans/ note for teaching anti corruption to young children

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      Grace GodspowerGrace Godspower

      Am Grace Ahuoiza Godspower of Kings-Gate Favorite Academy Gbagalape Nyanya Abuja.
      My expectations for this course are as follows.
      1. To be well equipped with the knowledge and tips on innovation approaches that can be used in teaching young ones about anti corruption and integrity.
      2. To acquire the ideas or knowledge on how to develop learning out comes and lesson plan on teaching young ones anti corruption and integrity.
      3. To have the instructional materials in teaching anti corruption education to learner’s.
      4. To become an anti corruption and integrity professional teacher.

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      Abimbola MaryAbimbola Mary

      My name is abimbola moses.
      School: Gabriel olatunji nursery and primary school.
      My expectation are to gain more knowledge and tips on how to teach the pupils on anti- corruption and integrity . And also to learn the skills for developing learning by writing lesson note to teach the anti- corruption to the pupils in primary school.

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      My name is Adeyemi Titilola from Redeemer’s Academy, Barnawa. My expectations from this course is to be fully equipped with the knowledge and creative skills I need on this course so as to impact my pupils and children around me more appropriately on anti corruption and integrity using the right techniques and teaching aids.

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      Kizzito EnyinnayaKizzito Enyinnaya

      My earnest expectations is to be well equipped with every necessary information and materials to be able to be of a great help to the next generation, and to be in the know with every relevant technique’s, creative skills and fun modules to interact with them for a better understanding while breaking limitations.

      Enyinnaya Kizzito, Fonier Crest Academy Abuja, Nigeria.

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      Shola MosesShola Moses

      My expectations from this session is to know the key tips of anti corruption and how to teach student about anti corruption and also to know the skills of teaching anti corruption to students
      Moses Shola by name, Gabriel olatunji nursery and primary school, festac Lagos.

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      Maryam JahunMaryam Jahun

      My Name is Maryam Uba Jahun I am a School owner and the name of my School is Sweet Haven Schools situated in Kano.
      I serve as the Directress of the school even though we have heads for Nursery and Primary Sections I go through the work of all the teachers through the heads and monitor them in Class too.In case of teachers absent due to one reason or the other I handle a Class or two.
      My expectations from this course is to gain creative Ideas in teaching integrity and anti corruption in our school.I believe I will get tips from the course facilitators and fellow teachers too on how to change the mindset of our young impressionable children as well as their Parents for I believe it will take more than educating the kids but the Parent as well because teaching of ethics can not be Isolated to School only.
      I am expecting this course to give support to my school in all matters possible now and possibly later during and after implementation of the programme to ensure sustainability.

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      Maryam JahunMaryam Jahun

      So far from the first training I’ve seen how this course tends to use practical and creative ways to find solutions to the problems we are having in our country and I believe it will offer a lot with regards to teaching this in a Class in a way the pupils will find it engaging and fun.So I’m looking forward to learning these approaches.

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      Esther Eke JohnEsther Eke John

      My expectations is to have insight of what corruption is,their courses and the basic knowledge of how to teach my students the integrity of anti corruption, so that they can have positive mindsets in their dealing with corruption.

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      Adenike AbiolaAdenike Abiola

      My names are : Orisaniran Adenike Abiola . I am the assistant headteachers for academic in Baptist Nursery And Primary Schools Abuja.
      My expectations are :
      (1) To acquire more knowledge and new ideas on how to mainstream anti corruption into my lesson plans ,lesson note and learning outcomes while teaching in nursery and primary level to enable us catch them young .
      (2) : To widening my knowledge and to familiarize myself with the tools or instructional materials to be used in teaching anti corruption to the children after learning about them.
      (3) : To acquire the skills and methods of teaching anti corruption to the children. Examples ; in a creative way, story telling, singing and dramatisation approaches as we learned in last seminar .
      (4) : To be an agent of anti corruption and integrity ( do as l do not do as l say )
      (5) : To inculcate in my students the values, importance and the gain of integrity. ( It may be late or early ) so that they can prepare their minds for it. ( Emeka’s money ).
      Thank you.
      Adenike Abiola.

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      Deborah OtokaDeborah Otoka

      Deborah Philip otoka
      My expectations is to impact what i have learned and what am still learning to educate the Nigeria children. And also at the end of the lessons to be more equiped with more knowledge.

    • #2184
      Shade UsmanShade Usman

      My name is Shade Usman, I’m a Lead Tutor at Flourish Tutors, Abuja. My expectation from this course include:
      – To acquire an in-depth knowledge of how to teach pupils anti-corruption education in an innovative and fun ways.
      – To be equipped with knowledge on how to develop learning outcomes and lesson plans for teaching anti-corruption education.
      – To get materials and tools that will enable me form anti-corruption club and teach pupils about the dangers of corruption and benefits of integrity.

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