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How can we go about teaching anti-corruption education in schools?

Home Forums Virtual Anti-corruption Bootcamp How can we go about teaching anti-corruption education in schools?

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      How can we go about teaching anti-corruption education in schools?

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      Teaching anti-corruption in schools can take different form. Govt should include it in the curriculum and schools should have intergrity club to teach about anti-corruption

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        Rabiu Sabo AhmedRabiu Sabo Ahmed

        This can go through using different method if teaching and story telling so that the students should not be under pressure

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      Precious OlatunjiPrecious Olatunji

      The school should include anti corruption club to the existing clubs also assembly ground can also be use and it can also be added to the curriculum.

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      Cordelia EboaguCordelia Eboagu

      How we can go about teaching anti– ,corruption in schools:
      Ensuring that the children internalize the core values of the school.
      Making use of various teaching tips such as drama, story telling, debate etc to encourage anti corruption.
      The school can organize workshop for teachers who will in turn teach the students.
      Anti corruption culture should be developed in school by ensuring that every act is properly encouraged and rewarded. Teachers are also to be good role models as a way of teaching anti corruption.
      The schools should be intentional by ensuring that anti corruption practices is included in the learning outcomes.

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      Odoh ChinweOdoh Chinwe

      I think we can go about it by setting up anti corruption clubs as discussed in the first training and also enlightening the students on the dangers of corruption on a daily basis no matter their age.

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      Ajet SandraAjet Sandra

      Subjects such as civic education, social studies, has some topics that are similar to Anti-corruption Education . Even though Anti-corruption Education is not part of the school curriculum, Teachers could use the above mentioned subjects to buttress on Anti-corruption. Daily assembly is also an avenue like wise extracurricular activities

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      in my school,we use one hour every thursday for cub and societies.while working on fixing it in the curriculum since i is a government school, We utilise that one hour to teach anti corruption.

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      Christabel EdozieChristabel Edozie

      The normal way civic education is taught
      A scheme of work is provided with various instructional and reference materials to aid teaching and we are good to go

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      Paul UyammaduPaul Uyammadu

      I humbly suggest:
      1. It should be included in the curriculum for Moral & Values or Civic education.

      2. Drama clubs in schools should be provided with play like that of the Emeka Audio play

      3. Events should be hosted targeting Anti corruption education. Parents and people from public offices should be invited

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      Okereke EmmanuelOkereke Emmanuel

      Anti-corruption Education should be added to Subjects such as civic education, social studies, Even though Anti-corruption Education is not part of the school curriculum, Teachers could use the above mentioned subjects to buttress on Anti-corruption. Daily assembly is also an avenue like wise extracurricular activities

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      Salamatu IbrahimSalamatu Ibrahim

      Teaching anti-corruption education in schools is very vital for the every day social life of the kids to build and strengthen their behaviours and perspective in life. From my own point of view, I thereby suggest
      1- Textbooks of anti-corruption practice with lots of fun learning colouring pictures, comics.
      2- Song, either a matching song where they get to sing during assembly and with that they would not forget ( poem or rhymes on anti-corruption)
      3- Extra curricula activities, competition & exhibitions.
      4- Picture chart on the dangers of corruption, and the harm it causes
      5 – Talk with them , be an inspiration, an example and a role model. “Practice what you preach”

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      Temitayo FolakoladeTemitayo Folakolade

      Teaching anti-corruption in school will go along way to reduce corruption in the society, catching them but it will be more effective if it’s included in school curriculum both at primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. At primary and secondary level we can role play, dramatize to pass learning across as students learn faster using this medium.

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      Joy PatrickJoy Patrick

      If we as teachers can adopt the tip and principles mentioned here, and do some other research on way of teaching anti corruption education in schools I think it will go a long way in educating the children on anti corruption.

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      Olaide OladeleOlaide Oladele

      The best way to arm the pupils with anti corruption education is by training and re-training of teachers who will also teach the pupils using the Step up principles.
      S=simplify the task using story telling
      T=Track the impact of lessons on pupils
      E=Encourage the pupils to actively be part of the process using various instructional materials
      P=Problem solving mindset
      U=Using diverse methods to drive home your point
      P=Participation of pupils in the teaching and learning process.

      Oladele Olaide

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      Ogbeifun GodsonOgbeifun Godson

      First and foremost I believe the ministry of education and all her agencies should include the scheme of anti-corruption in the subjects taught in school same as security education is being included in some of the school subjects.
      Also, the schedule of operations by this ministries and agencies should boldly preach and practice THE ANTI-CORRUPTION.
      Moreso, the teachers who are the custodian of knowledge should be 💯% involved in full desimination of the ANTI-CORRUPTION EDUCATION using the skills they have acquired and as well various styles.
      The STEP-UP techniques comes handy here.

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      Gbolahan OlatunjiGbolahan Olatunji

      We can go about Teaching Anti-Corruption in schools by:
      1. Allowing teachers go for Anti-corruption certification class
      2. Government should include it as subject in school and not a topic.
      3. There should be a children movie series produced on corruption and Anti-corruption where children are used as the casts.
      4.It should also be taught in the country different languages.
      5. The curriculum should well structured.

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      Haliru MuhammadHaliru Muhammad

      Civic education and social studies should be made compulsory in every primary and secondary schools since they are the subjectsame that has some topics that are similar or related to Anti-corruption Education.Anti-corruption club can also be included to the already existing clubs,corruption issues should be taking seriously,be it minor corruption issues or major.Every corruption issues can also be addressed at the assembly ground so as other students could take note and deceit from doing similar thing.

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