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Do you agree that the best type of teaching occurs when we adopt a multi-sensory

Home Forums Virtual Anti-corruption Bootcamp Do you agree that the best type of teaching occurs when we adopt a multi-sensory

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      Do you agree that the best type of teaching occurs when we adopt a multi-sensory approach (teaching that involves using more than one sense organ, the eyes, ears, hand, etc) to our activities?

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      Odoh ChinweOdoh Chinwe

      Yes I agree because students learn differently and we need to apply all the difference when we teach to capture the mind of each learner and help them to learn best.

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      Cordelia EboaguCordelia Eboagu

      I do agree that the best type of teaching occurs when we adopt a multi–sensory.
      There is the need to study the child to know how best to communicate information so that learning can take place. Modes of presentation that are most effective for learners have being clearly identified as multi sensory.
      The multi sensory approach involves engaging more than one sense at a time. It takes into consideration that some children are visual learners, some are auditory while some are kinesthetic learners. It’s therefore the responsibility of the teacher to integrate multi-sensory as it will enhance memory and ability to learn.

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      Lillian AkandeLillian Akande

      Yes, I agree because students learn differently and have different rates of assimilation. A multi-sensory teaching method will go a long way to ensure that each learner is carried along in the lesson .

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      Margaret AwosikaMargaret Awosika

      Yes, I agree. The multi sensory approach is one of the best type of teaching methods because, it enhances the brain function by allowing students to develop their brains, and develop their senses to understand topic better and more.

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      Adedoyin SimiloluwaAdedoyin Similoluwa

      Yes, I agree the cognitive capacity of the pupils in a classroom are different. Therefore a multi-sensory approach to teaching and classroom instruction is needed.

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      Precious OlatunjiPrecious Olatunji

      Yes I agree because this helps pupils to make use of their brain and help in building their sense of reasoning.

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      Yes, i agree. Because this brings out and develops the inert abilities of the students.

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      Yes, i agree. Because this brings out and develops the inert abilities of the students.

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      Furthermore,we also require government interventions and the inputs of other stakeholders towards adapting the best global classroom practices…like not exceeding the maximum number of pupils n the classes,while upholding the UNESCO guildelines.
      This will go a long way in helping to actualise the needed outcome.

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      Ajet SandraAjet Sandra

      Yes I concur. It would make learning more interesting to the learners. And it will also capture their attention. Teaching should be flexible

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      King OnuohaKing Onuoha

      Yes, i totally agree. Because the ability of children in assimilation differs. So for best result, the teacher has to adopt a multisensory kind of teaching. That is what I call involving and carrying every child along.

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      Fatima MakarfiFatima Makarfi

      Yes I agree because it will heighten the interest and understanding of a large percentage of those being taught.

    • #2267
      Joy PatrickJoy Patrick

      Last year August 2019, I attended a training were they thought us the need of the multi sensory approach in teaching, In September last year I tried adopting that method in my school, it was fun for the kids as they all want to express them self using their eye, hand and mouth is just unfortunate that covid-19 came unexpected and school have to close down.

      From my own experience I agree completely that multi sensory approach in teaching will go a Long way in impacting great knowledge in the kids.

      Thank you

    • #2270
      Paul UyammaduPaul Uyammadu

      This is true because it is encompassing.
      It’s like a harmony of all various approaches.
      Every learner is to been seen peculiar, otherwise learning will be impede.
      The approach of MULTI SENSORY APPROACH tends to involve the use of the five sense organs in transferring knowledge to a learner.
      So every teaching deviod of 70% usage of this approach may have some learners be left out.
      1. EAR: Some who learn by one time hearing will need every Lesson voiced out distint, loud and clear. They will assimilate even if they are playing.
      2. EYES: This is another part of sensory approach which involves what they see like Pictures, Infographics, videos etc. They must see something to be able to connect.
      3. SKIN: This is provision of objects for the learner to touch and have a feel of it
      4. NOSE: The learner will want to perceive what is been said for better understanding.
      5. TONGUE: If it is not tasted, it can been to be clearer to the learner.

      I think it’s the best teaching approach.

    • #2273
      Florence SwisherFlorence Swisher

      Yes I agree that pupils need different sensory approaches to learning because of individual differences.

    • #2274
      Blessing PeterBlessing Peter

      My response is yes, because children has different capabilities, i have learnt that children should not be put under pressure while learning ,that is why a multi sensory approach still remains the best method of teaching

    • #2275
      Temitayo FolakoladeTemitayo Folakolade

      Yes I agree that the best type of teaching occur when we adopt multi-sensory approach in our lessons because pupils/ students learn and assimilate differently, they don’t have the same speed of assimilation, so we need to study them individually so as to know and use the best methods in passing across our lessons for proper understanding.

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      Augustine OkoliAugustine Okoli

      Yes I agree because children’s capabilities aren’t the same and so it is necessary because it will help everyone of them learn very well.

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      OSHINAYA OluwakemiOSHINAYA Oluwakemi

      Yes I agree because only then will I as a teacher be fulfilled that I’ve catered for the different kinds of learners I have in my class

    • #2283
      Salamatu IbrahimSalamatu Ibrahim

      Yes I agree, I believe and understand that information gets to the brain after coming in contact with the sensory organ. Kids are smart with what they see, hear and feel around them. And that helps building up their learning skills. As a teacher it good to demonstrate and illustrate some things to a child before he/she grabs the whole scenario and get a better understanding.

    • #2285

      I agree that the best type or form of teaching occurs with the use of the various senses. In that way the learners will have things better imprinted in their minds and can recall more easily what they have been taught.

    • #2327
      Gbolahan OlatunjiGbolahan Olatunji

      Certainly! The multi sensory approach assist teachers in reaching their objectives possibly without having to revisit the topic. There are several learners in the classroom and this approach captures all of them. It enhances their memory and ability to learn.

    • #2329
      Ogbeifun GodsonOgbeifun Godson

      I totally agreed with this assertion.
      Using multi-sensory approach in teaching learners helps not only the learners but also the instructor to be able to reach all the learners in his/her class.
      Every class is blessed with varying pupils/students, some may understand better with demonstration and may even find it difficult listening. While others may understand with visual.
      So for any teacher to get a good feedback from his teaching by the learners he/she need to employ a multi-sensory approach to deliver the intended objective for the particular class.
      Thank you

    • #2331
      Olaide OladeleOlaide Oladele

      Multi sensory approach has proved to be the best approach to teach pupils in order to arrive at the targeted objectives. Children aren’t the same, even twins don’t respond to everything same way, there are some differences in their attitudes and the way each respond to things. We will be able to capture the interest of most , of not all the pupils if we adopt that method of teaching. For example, teaching transportation. Most teachers engage only the ear: listen while I teach, However, a trip to the bus terminal could catch the attention of some other children who learn more but what they see or a short film in the class detailing how passengers getinto a bus and out of it. What about getting on the bus to take a trip to a place not far and back to school. It clearly makes learning creative, fun and memorable.

      OLADELE Olaide

    • #2334
      Ohunene ThomasOhunene Thomas

      The multi sensory teaching approach is best in teaching our contemporary learners because with help to the different learners during teaching. For instance there are learners that learn easily by what they see and touch either by using field work , excursion or videos. While learners that enjoy story telling might not be interested in the above means of learning instead they prefer the teacher to teach by talking. The multi sensory approach is best for the 21st century teachers to be able to to impact knowledge to different learners.

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