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What would you recommend fpr measuring corruption in education sectors?

Home Forums Flying Start Anti-corruption Basic Course What would you recommend fpr measuring corruption in education sectors?

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      Margaret AwosikaMargaret Awosika

      ° Experiences from schools, directors, teachers, parents, children, ministry workers, contractors, suppliers in the ministries of education and others from different schools can be collected.
      ° Installation of CCTV, Close-circuit television, in all educational sectors, ministries, schools to capture first hand evidence of corruption.
      ° Doing undercover investigations using undercover actors in educational sectors.
      ° Exposing and punishing offenders.

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      Precious OlatunjiPrecious Olatunji

      There Should be good monitoring agent like CCTV in education sector.
      Frequent inspection in the educational sector.
      Any crime discovered should be publicly exposed.

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      Ajet SandraAjet Sandra

      My recommendation for measuring corruption in Education is: There should be an perception base evaluation for the learners on the attitudes of their teachers/lectures in terms of their attitudes to work, the use of recommended materials provided by the school administration and their level of Competence in the area of instructional delivery

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      Ajet SandraAjet Sandra

      There should also be an Anti-corruption committee set up to monitor all the funds allocated for the development of schools within a given region.

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