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Should we be teaching primary school children about anti-corruption?

Home Forums Flying Start Anti-corruption Basic Course Should we be teaching primary school children about anti-corruption?

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      Should we be teaching primary aged children about anti-corruption?

      Should we not just focus on senior secondary? Please give reasons

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      Christabel EdozieChristabel Edozie

      I feel primary learners of this age can be thought corruption cause they tend to have broader minds different from our schooling days they can be thought things like the basics of corruption so they would be conversant with it when they have graduated to the higher class. it can also aid massive learnering outcome

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        Grace EneGrace Ene

        Children will benefit from the teaching of anti corruption more,if they are taught about it earlier in life.hence,the need for anti corruption lessons is Paramount at the primary levels. This way,the children are groomed from the onset therefore it forms a part of their belief system.
        More so, parents are fond of participating in children’s academic at the primary levels, this will make the information get to them as well,because as they assist their wards with homework, they are also learning. This will make it a win_win situation because parents will not mar the teachers teaching anymore since they know better.

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      Okereke EmmanuelOkereke Emmanuel

      Anti-corruption education is expected to instill and disseminate anti-corruption values to the children, so they understand about it early that corruption is contrary to legal norms or religious norms.
      Thank u.

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      Tracey OhunomojusiTracey Ohunomojusi

      Anti_ corruption should be taught from primary level so that the children will get the knowledge of the subject before getting to the secondary level. It will really help and mould them too.

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      Faithful NaitriFaithful Naitri

      Anti corruption should be taught even from the reception level before they even get to primary one. Because, it is good to lay a good foundation for them at that tender age, before they grow up.

      When they are aware from the primary level, it would help them make better decisions and even help form them into better citizens and better leaders in the future.

      Most of us would have been better today, if we were taught about corruption early in life.

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      Yes! Taking the primary school pupils through Anti-corruption is very important because through that, you catch them young, they have an early knowledge of not engaging in any form of corrupt practice.
      It will become a part of them with time.
      Lessons that are their age appropriate will just be great.

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      YES, we should teach the primary learner’s from their level.. it very important.
      Like the holy book said.. bring up a child in the way he/she will go ..
      When the child grown up he/she will not depart from what he was thought.

      Teaching them from the roots (primary school level) is a necessity and can’t be over emphasize..

      Corruption is a pandemic eaten up our Nation,it must be handled well now..

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      Joy VictorJoy Victor

      Yes, we need to teach children of all ages – especially the primary school children- about corruption and the consequences because these children put to practice whatever they have learnt from school.
      Moreover, as the leaders of tomorrow, they need a good foundation in order to be good examples in future.

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      Paul UyammaduPaul Uyammadu

      Anti corruption education is important from primary level because every value or virture that is added at early stage has future effect.
      Morestill, every form education has component for various level.
      I believe that anti corruption education that is targeted at children should be desired to suit them
      Adulthood is a product of childhood.
      Proverbs said,train up a child in the way he/sh should go or do things, so that when he/she is old, it will not depart from his life.

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      Paul UyammaduPaul Uyammadu

      I think for one to address the future, the work starts with the present.
      The old man with his character is hard to change. Let the change begin from tender age.
      My opinion

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      Paul UyammaduPaul Uyammadu

      School curriculum is meant to address the challenges and problems in the society, that’s why country’s have different curriculum. It’s based on environment

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      Salamatu IbrahimSalamatu Ibrahim

      My views concerning this is, no knowledge is a waste depending on the age or class, I feel primary and younger kids should be thought as well, because there’s a saying that goes teach a child the way he/she should go and he/she will never depart from it. Yes, primary schools pupils should be thought anti-corruption. #catchthemyoung the earlier the better

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      Augustine OkoliAugustine Okoli

      Yes it is necessary to teach pupils in primary school, at least to lay a foundation and also teach them some things they need to know about corruption so that when they eventually get to secondly school or higher institution it won’t be a news to them.

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      Ejegwa Paul KennethEjegwa Paul Kenneth

      It is of a great necessity that we teach our primary classes learners’ about corruption. Because that will serve as a foundation to whatsoever they will be taught in the secondary. Conclusively, it is better we get it done early than getting it done late, primary classes are the best class to start the teaching of corruption.

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      Joy PatrickJoy Patrick

      YES it is very important to be teaching primary school children anti corruption in school, this is to prepare them from the scratch

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      Blessing PeterBlessing Peter

      My answer is yes please, the children picks up some funny attitudes from school and sometimes from home, the children sees a teacher as a small god, and they tend to listen to teacher sometimes more than their parent, teachers are saddled with this task of imparting the right moral standard to the children to help shapen their lives, my own children argues sometimes with me over a said topic prefaring their teachers conclusion to mine, even at school the pupils will report any misconduct to the teacher hoping that the teacher will caution the erred student, we can coin it into a poem for the pre primary class.

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      Chinedu IkechiChinedu Ikechi

      Yes please. Is very important to start from scratch in inculcating positive ideas to this innocent children than when they are of age i.e Secondary School.

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      Oluwaseyi SuwebatOluwaseyi Suwebat

      Teaching kids about anti- corruption should start from home, parents should be good example to their wards, till a child starts going to school from pre-kg to primary, then secondary school and tertiary school. Teaching Anti-corruption should be as early as possible, because the foundation matters alot. So teaching primary school pupils Anti-corruption is building their future.

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      In my opinion we should, because primary school children are at an age where fundamental principles of living a life of integrity can be taught them and it will grow with them.They are the future leaders of tomorrow and if they are taught the danger corruption poses to their future they develop a resistance toward corruption.The there is hope that the future leaders will be better than the present leaders.

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      Bukola OluwatosinBukola Oluwatosin

      yes the children should be taught ,in order for them not to engage in such corrupt practices in the nearest future.thanks

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      Theresa EkpeTheresa Ekpe

      I think it should be teach on secondary school sectors because there are more mature than primary school

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      Babannan IliyaBabannan Iliya

      Teaching children anti corruption at an early age might lead them away from old mindset, disseminate them consequences of corruption to human life and teach them value integrity.

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      Ogbeifun GodsonOgbeifun Godson

      The teaching of what corruption and anti-corruption. Should not only be thought to secondary school students but also primary.
      The effects of both should be fully explained and thought to them.
      Remember, you cant teach an old woman a new dance step.
      The good book (BIBLE) says teach a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.
      So if the are thought much earlier it becomes a part of them it would be easy to fight corruption even when they are age(in position of authority).

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      Gbolahan OlatunjiGbolahan Olatunji

      I so much believe in foundational classes. It sure goes a long way in the lives of learners involved in this class. YES! Anti-corruption class would go a long way in the lives of primary aged children as learning during class will enlighten and captivate their minds, mould their reasoning faculty and make them a better human.
      During this age, they tend to also grow in wisdom and explore more. They really want to utilize their cognitive skills when it comes to learning.
      My 18 months old boy monitors every thing i do daily and tend to remind me about doing it when it skips my mind.
      We can focus on both children either primary aged or senior secondary secondary. The seniors having passed through several teachers during their growth from one class to the other may have missed on so many information that they should have gotten. They will also need to be enlightened about the repercussions of corruptions and how to outgrow the exposures they might have encountered with corruptions during the course of their growth.

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      Kamaldeen SakaKamaldeen Saka

      Yes we should. The fact that some of our political leaders are not well educate enough on the evil of corruption hinder their conscience from judging them in the sense that our educational sector left this huge course untouched for only religious leaders. And some of this political elites are not religion practising they only go-to masjids and churches for fame and buy more political powers.

      We need to start educating the new generation on the evil and effect of corruption as early as possible. Even if possible the nursery pupils. Find a way to make a rhymes on evil of corruption for them to sing and memorise at all time.

      Show them the videos of many toddler in Nigeria that had been greatly affected by corruption.

      Most importantly changed the generally saying and mindset of Nigerians that if they’re given the same opportunity they’ll do worse. This has been spread for long and made corruption looks normal to majority of the masses. It has to stop. And educating the young ones from primary level of education on the evils of corruption is just a step towards a successful course to change Nigeria to better if not best.

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      Uchechukwu AgbodikeUchechukwu Agbodike

      It is common knowledge that children are the main target for any important and lasting initiative fit to get rid corruption in the society because it is easier to catch them young and shape their character by well meaning adults particularly when they are still at a formative age, their actions can be channeled to suit the needs of the future. Other school community participants such as parents, teachers and the administration are targeted for engagement as well since they are pillars of the school community and children’s role models of in the education process.

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      Ohunene ThomasOhunene Thomas

      YES! Primary schools’ children should be taught corruption because there is a saying that says catch them young. Not only that the Bible say train up a child in a way he should grow and he will not depart from it. Inculcating the knowledge of of corruption in primary schools children help to build their integrity towards corruption as a deadly virus that can destroy a whole nation. No To Corruption!!!!

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      Ogbeifun GodsonOgbeifun Godson

      I totally agree. These pupils are at their formative years and every knowledge and experience gained at this years are crucial to their growing and as well form a bedrock upon which later experiences are carved or built upon.
      Teaching them will certainly shape and set free the future generations untold pains associated to corruption

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