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Please share some of the experiences you may have had with corruption

Home Forums Flying Start Anti-corruption Basic Course Please share some of the experiences you may have had with corruption

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      Please share some of the experiences you may have had with corruption and how you handled such situations?

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      A policeman requested for our vehicle papers and everything was intact. But insist that there is a paper and delay us. He finally demanded for money to allow us. But there is nothing we can do, since we are on journey, we have to give him to allow us to go

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      Margaret AwosikaMargaret Awosika

      I have a lot of experience that I can share, but I’ll focus on one, that happened to my daughter about three years ago.
      She was qualified for prefectship position in her school, she has won several academic and conduct accolades. She want to apply for head girl position, she passed all other stages but when she got to the final stage, the interview stage which comprises the principal, the vice and two head of departments, she was shocked at the questions thrown at her.
      The principal asked her, ‘What financial contribution has she done for the school? and What events has her parent sponsored in the school?’
      All her explanations on charity events and competitions she has won for the school were ignored and eventually she didn’t get any position, while some of her mate got two positions.
      She cried home to me and when I when to the school to complain to the principal, he told me ‘prefectship is not the end of the world, she should focus on her final exam and not on being a prefect.’ I expressed my mind on the situation but nothing was done. I calm my daughter down and told her to just focus on her exam.

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      Cordelia EboaguCordelia Eboagu

      So many experiences with corruption but I will share two for the purpose of this write-up.
      On the 21st of March, before the first lockdown, I was to go for examination supervision so my son was to drop me off at a bus stop since it was very early. On getting to the junction where I will alight, the whole area was blocked with tankers. We waited few minutes but had no option but to get to the filling station. By the time we got there, behold road safety officers came out and arrested the vehicle that it was one way. If they can be there by 6am but could not check mate the lawlessness of the tanker drivers. Despite my explanation the vehicle was taken to their office. They demanded for #120,000 , when they saw it was not forth coming, it was reduced to #30,000. I had not option but to inform my sister in-law in the military who intervened in the situation.
      Another experience was with some government officials who came for supervision in the school. They were demanding for money. I brought the visitors book for them to sign and requested for their identity cards. It was then one of them said madam, there’s no need, just buy us drinks.
      So there are so many corrupt practices going on in the society.

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      This happened on the day my children and I were coming from Akure to Lagos after my father’s burial. We had issues with my Mum’s vehicle that brought us all the way to Shagamu. So I called my husband to come pick us while the other vehicle was towed back to Akure.
      As we got to Berger, my husband did not know that private drivers are not allowed to drive into a particular part of the bus stop where buses go through. But believe you me as we negotiated into that road Police men were there but none of them deemed it fit to notify us because there were others of them in front on a stand by ready to pick innocent people that they will extort.
      There was no indication that says private vehicles are not allowed to negotiate that route. So how where we to know?
      This policeman held us and said he was driving us to the station and our fine was #90,000. But if we settle him with #20,000 he would release us.
      I told him that route was not a familiar one and there was no indication to notify us. He did not bother to hear us out. All he did was shout and embarrass us.
      I busted into tears telling him I just buried my father and explained the ordeal I had gone through that day before getting to that point. He was moved when he saw a woman crying profusely out of frustration he said I should just give him whatever we had . In short we parted with #2000.
      That is the height of corruption we have in Nigeria. Those who are paid to guide you are the ones to victimized you.

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      Fatima MakarfiFatima Makarfi

      Was looking for job. Was told that I can buy from the job. Some people actually paid and got the job. I didn’t get the job because I did not pay.

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      Adedoyin SimiloluwaAdedoyin Similoluwa

      My experience as regards corruption are the delapitated state our schools, sex for grade, police brutality and corruption, unemployment etc

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      Emmanuel IGIETSEMHEEmmanuel IGIETSEMHE

      Corruption has really eaten deep to our system. I went to Local government council to apply for the NIM for my brother because they needed it for Jamb registration then. something that was meant for free the officials turned it to their private business by collecting money from individual in other to make the process fast. And if you refuse to comply you will be told that there is no materials to facilitate the process. But meanwhile those with the money and a little influence we collect theirs in your very before. It is quite pathetic that the government can not really do much. I believe fighting corruption have to be individual responsibility.

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      Precious OlatunjiPrecious Olatunji

      I remembered while serving cause I was privileged to serve in the local government. Sometimes when the retirees come for there pension process after submitting files and documents instead of the office I am working on their document they will drop it because the person didn’t drop money but if you give them money immediately your file and documents will leave the office and move to the final stage.

      Also a police without nose Mask arresting someone not using nose mask.

      Another instance environmentalist who will leave his or her own jurisdiction to collect more from shops and end up pocketing have of the money to return little to the office and the ogas too will still remove their own portion before paying into government account.

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      Martha John-NissiMartha John-Nissi

      My experience,is on the educational level. Years back,a colleague of mine gave me money, for extra lesson,for a student. And the child failed woefully. He asked me to lift up the scores, for a better result,I refused. I found out the child is a weak students, but all the teachers, that were teaching him make sure,he gets good grade. Because, they were given money. But,my result for him,made the parents to know the true ability of their wards. As teacher’s, facilitators, we should be honest, accountable, transparent in our dealings. Integrity is golden in our duties.

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      Shade UsmanShade Usman

      I had an experience with corruption when I wanted to write my PGDE exams and some students were of the view that we should contribute #2,000 each and give to the Coordinator of that centre so that he would help in boosting the C.A scores, since he doesn’t have control over the exam, because the exam is not conducted and marked at the state level, but at the National level. I had the money but I refused to pay. I sat down, read my books and passed honourably without paying a dime. “Change begins with Shade”.

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      Kizzito EnyinnayaKizzito Enyinnaya

      I was driving down to East through Edo, Men of SARS stopped and searched my vehicle and there was nothing incriminating and so, they requested for my particulars, I handed them the photocopy. After every checking, rather than allow me to continue my journey, they requested I give them 3000. For the sake of my life and that of my friends in the car with me, I gave them 2k and I was allowed to go.

      This is very common on our federal highway’s to and fro from the East to West and South.

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      Onome OkuribidoOnome Okuribido

      I like to share two experiences.
      1. Some years ago a top executive whose child was in my class visited the school and approached me with an envelope, while asking me to give her child extra lesson. This was barely a week to the SSCE exams for SS3 students. I promtly told her to advise her child to come to me for lesson. I told her that I am obligated o help her daughter if she came to me and that I didn’t need an envelope to do so.
      Now you would ask why was any extra lesson not arranged earlier, the whole idea was to get a teacher to assist with the exams. There were many such attempts from parents in top government offices, the ones who pay for their children to write exams in “Miracle Centres”.
      2. Many years ago after I attended a job interview , the top executive in Admin asked for my house address because he wanted to take me out
      I gave my old house address from where we moved a few weeks back. He there after seized my employment letter. Unfortunately for him a friend had told me the letter was ready and I had accepted the offer and started documentation when I was told that they needed the letters for some checks. It took a while and the intervention of some other officers before I could get my letter back and start work.

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      Abimbola MaryAbimbola Mary

      I experience corruption while in school back then. A student would pay his or her lecturer to upgrade his or her mark and such student won’t participate in the test the lecturer want to organise and at the end you would see that such group are the one with high grades
      Another corruption is misuse of power by the police we are all aware that there is lockdown everywhere but in the case of the police once they see you wearing the same uniform or another force uniform you will be allowed to cross the boarder even thou such person is carrying passenger they don’t care while other’s will be delayed or even ask to go back to where they are coming from that they can’t cross the boarder this is also corruption

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      Shola MosesShola Moses

      I experience corruption while in school. A lecture gave an assignment and we are all to submit that assignment on a particular day which most of us did bt there are some few groups that fail to submit the assignment the day assign to us and they feel so comfortable about it which made them tell some of us that they don’t need to stress their selves because the lecturer can’t and won’t dare fail them and at the end of the session we found out that those group that didn’t not submit assignment or partake I any test are the one with high grades
      Another instance is those people who will leave their own juridistication and go about collecting money from shops and end up pocketing such money and in return giving those who are at the top a little this all are corruption we need change and this change we are talking about begins with you and i

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      Victor OdehVictor Odeh

      Some years ago there was a time I was faced with the devil and the deep blue sea. There was this job I was called upon to apply for. After doing the necessary paper work two month later I was told that names would be shortlisted soon and that if I’m really in need of the job I should pay the some of six hundred thousand naira. Knowing how mouth watery the job was. I embarked on a journey to see my elder sister to ask for assistance.

      On reaching her place I narrated my problem to her and she offered to help with the sum of two hundred thousand naira. When I got back home, I moved around and was able to raise the sum of two hundred and ten thousand naira. All put together was four hundred and ten thousand naira.

      I called the man and explained to him that this was the amount I could get and as well all I had and that if allowed to pay this amount when the job is mine then I shall balance the remaining amount. The man in charge told me that he won’t and that the money should be complete or else I will loose my opportunity.

      After that moment I tried all possible means to get the full amount to no avail. I resulted in pleading with the man in charge but all effort for him to collect what I have offered him he refused.

      At the end of it all, those that paid the amount got the job. That was how I lost out not because I wasn’t qualified but because I don’t have what it takes to get the job. So most times people who are in need are been taken advantage of. That’s the level we have found ourselves in this country of ours.

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      Elizabeth AreElizabeth Are

      I had experiences with police officers and Power Holding (NEPA). Not to border us, I will share the Power holding. When we started our school five years ago we meet urge debt on the bill so we ask why and the only tenant at the BQ explain that there were many tenants before the renovation and the person coordinating it will collect money from them all and will not pay (individual corruption). So, when NEPA official come to disconnect he will bribe them ( corruption) and they will not disconnect them. The bill kept on accumulating until we came in. We try to resolve it but they came and remove the wire to their office ( meanwhile, no single tenant there again) but kept on bringing bill with current charge until after three months that my husband went to their office that he will sue them before they stop the bill. At the end we had to pay huge amount of money before they connect us back.

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      Some time last year, I enrolled for one of the federal government jobs and I was connected to one of the persons that is in close contact to the person that will shortlist my name. The person asked me for a sum of money of which I said to myself that I will never pay a dime to anybody. That if job was mine I would definitely get it and if not, I would wait for God’s will to be done.

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      Rabiu Sabo AhmedRabiu Sabo Ahmed

      One of the students since I was schooling at college used not to write CA and assignment given by some of the lecturers because he proud that his father is an official person, he used to select the kind of course he is to stay for the lecture

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      Wakilat OreniwaWakilat Oreniwa

      I wouldn’t be able to find a suitable word to describe this due to the quarters it came from. However, it seems like corruption in education to me. My son happened to write an exam to gain admission in to jss1. He studied really hard and passed on merit. Successful applicants were required to come for an oral interview with a sum of N2000 each. After being delayed he was asked to read a paragraph of a comprehension passage as the only question asked for the interview. Alas, he wasn’t successful. I could not tell him when his name wasn’t among the shortlisted. These are my reasons for not telling him.
      1. He will be wondering in his little mind how he passed an exam of 100 questions and could not be considered.
      2. I would not like to lie to him about how education system is gradually rotting off and all that. I am not happy at all.

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