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Is poverty a good reason for people to engage in corrupt practices?

Home Forums Flying Start Anti-corruption Basic Course Is poverty a good reason for people to engage in corrupt practices?

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      Is Poverty A Good Reason For People To Engage In Corrupt Practices?


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      Margaret AwosikaMargaret Awosika

      There is a saying that says:
      ‘Ignorance is not a reason to commit crime,’ likewise poverty should not be a reason to commit corruption.
      Perseverance and endurance is the answer. There is a proverb that says:
      ‘what ever goes up will surely come down.’ Therefore with perseverance and endurance, poverty will surely come to an end one day.

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        Victor OdehVictor Odeh

        In my view, poverty isn’t a good reason why people should engage in corrupt practices, reason being that the later consequences might be devastating.
        Like the story of one of the Instagram celebrity that was recently indicted to some fraudulent act in one of the middle east country. Alot have been said concerning his wealth, but little is known for how it was obtained. So, you might embezze for a why, but when the long arm of the law catches up with you. You won’t find it funny. All ill gotten wealth that you have acquired might be taken away in a twinkle of an eye.
        So, it’s better to be diligent in the little you have. Work hard in order to grow in whatever venture you find yourself. Like the say goes ” there is diginity in labour”.
        Though it is difficult and challenging to say NO to corrupt practices with the way the country has made it looks normal. But, a man with integrity will stand with what is right and he believes in and work in the line of truth always.

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        Faithful NaitriFaithful Naitri

        Poverty is never a good enough reason to engage in corrupt practices. Yes, life could be challenging, but one could get something small to do that would put food on the table rather than engaging in corrupt practices. Remember, what goes around surely comes around.

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      No, poverty should not be a good reason for people to engage in corrupt practices. Being poor should not make one to involve in corruption. You can involved in other means of surviving like seeking for assistance, seeking for loan to start petty trade, look for jobs to do to keep body and soul together. Infact being poor does not makes one to engage in corrupt practices. And those already working they should say because of their salary is small or too small they should use that as an excuse to involved in corrupt practices in their work place. My take

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      Cordelia EboaguCordelia Eboagu

      There is never only one reason that is responsible for the occurrence of corruption in the society.
      It comes as a result of an array of several factors which differ from one person to another.
      A poor person that has a good moral upbringing, who is not greedy, who comes from a custom or tradition where family values are cherished will rather remain poor then engage in corrupt practices.
      Furthermore, the influence of religion can also be visible in poor person that will prevent him/ her from corrupt practices. The bible refers to corruption as son. It says” Do not accept a bribe for bribe blinds those who sees and twist the words of the innocent.
      Most corrupt practices is largely engaged by rich the rich So poverty is not a good reason for people to engage in corrupt practices.

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      Cordelia EboaguCordelia Eboagu

      A person of person of integrity will not engage in corrupt practices. This will not be bordered by “everyone is doing it “syndrome but is contented with the little he/ she has.

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      Olakunle GiwaOlakunle Giwa

      No, poverty is never a reason to engage in corrupt practises, because it’s only going to be an excuse, corruption is a thing of the mind that allows people to indulge in criminal acts or offences. Some people engage themselves in this criminal act because some will say they are poor and need to survive, but it’s an excuse because when you are corrupt you pollute people’s mind around you and it can also ruin their future and generation.
      But as such some will say poverty pushed them in corruption.

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      Emmanuel IGIETSEMHEEmmanuel IGIETSEMHE

      We should be realistic poverty is a great tool that leads to corruption. If a man does not have access to basic necessities of life, he is open to things whether positive or negative.
      Poverty as a state can lure men to do anything at their disposal in other to survive. So the issue here is for the government to cater for their citizens for them to live beyond poverty level.

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      Precious OlatunjiPrecious Olatunji

      No poverty shouldn’t be a yardstick for corruption because there are people who are poor but they have rich integrity. Corruption is the thing of the mind and you can control your mind because you are the owner. Poverty shouldn’t be an excuse to practice or indulge yourself in to corrupt things.

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      Shade UsmanShade Usman

      Poverty is not and can never be a good reason for people to engage in corrupt practices. Contentment & integrity should be the driving force that guide our behaviour. Integrity entails doing what is right, even in tough situations. There was this story of one Mrs. Josephine Ugwu, a cleaner at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, who found #12 million naira belonging to a foreign passenger, while she was cleaning the toilet in 2015. She demonstrated integrity par excellence by returning the money. She was on a monthly salary of #7,800 before the incident, but she did not allow the meagre salary she was receiving then to rob of her of her good name and integrity. She later got a salary increase and her integrity was rewarded and recognized by both private individuals and organizations like National Orientation Agency (NOA) and also Lagos State House of Assembly. Similarly, in 2019, President Muhammadu Buhari presented her with integrity award for exhibiting integrity in the performance of her official duty.
      “To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money and that is sincerity and integrity.” – Douglas Adams

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      Onome OkuribidoOnome Okuribido

      I do not think that poverty is enough reason for one to get engaged in corrupt practices. People will get engaged in corrupt practices on grounds of their values. The poor often times cannot afford the bribe sum and so will not get engaged. It is the rich who find it easy to pay because they can usually afford it.
      The key point here is the VALUES that the person in question holds dear. It is what distinguishes right from wrong.

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      Abimbola MaryAbimbola Mary

      No, poverty is no excuse to practice corruption because poverty will surely come to an end one day it is not permanent.

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      Shola MosesShola Moses

      For me poverty is not a good avenue to take part in corruption but also if we are to look into reality poverty is the great tool that leads to corruption. No man want to die poor we all want a befitting lives so the issue is that if such person has integrity such person won’t want to indulge him or herself into corruption

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      Elizabeth AreElizabeth Are

      No. Poverty is not a good reason for people to engage in corrupt practices. It is good to be a man or woman of integrity and not slothful in business. With God , one will still live a better life. Most of the corrupt people still suffer for their acts even before they die.

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      Patience AgiendePatience Agiende

      I don’t think poverty is a good reason for one to venture into corruption because it is self value if you have integrity no matter how poor you are you will never find yourself doing anything negative. But the rich always do because they have the resources to manipulate anybody to their side but the poor doesn’t

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      Christabel EdozieChristabel Edozie

      Its not actually but the main thing that move individuals into corrupt pratices its capital poverty and you come to find out that when poverty is eracticated in so many ways corruption decreases

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      Christabel EdozieChristabel Edozie

      But contentment also goes a long way cause the main corrupt practices of these days are from the political aspect of the nation thats the genesis of corruption if those kind of top politicians can engage in corruption it means they are not content cause u can’t tell me ur into politics and ur poor if rich politicians can engage in corruption then poverty is not the cause of it they lack self value

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      Okereke EmmanuelOkereke Emmanuel

      Yes, poverty lead to greed of money, desires If a man does not have access to basic necessities of life, he/she is open to things whether positive or negative. men tend to do anything at their disposal in other to survive.

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      Tracey OhunomojusiTracey Ohunomojusi

      Poverty is not an excuse for people to engage in corruption even our so called politicians are not living in poverty before embezzling money.

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      Ikecjukwu UbahIkecjukwu Ubah

      Poverty is not a good reason for any well trained person to indulge in any form of corruption.
      Though it is not a good omen, it can be cured .Hardwork, right mental attitude, patience and right leadership.poverty can be cured.

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      Joy VictorJoy Victor

      No, poverty is not a good reason to engage in corrupt practice.

      To begin with, engaging is corrupt practice is a choice. A person can be poor and faithful to whatever he or she does, likewise a rich person can also choose to engage in corrupt practice. Therefore, parents and teachers should teach children to be faithful, hardworking and faithful in whatever they do. They should also be taught that poverty is not an excuse to engage in corrupt practices.

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      NO, poverty is never a good enough reason to engage in corruption..
      Corruption is the thing of the mind, that is to say the power to say no to corruption is in our hands..
      No wonder, # Change Begin With Me#

      if it’s not conceived in the mind the act cannot be carried out, the mind needs to be educated of the damages. I know that is why such platform sure as these is created.
      Lastly .lack of contentment is one of the reasons

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      Augustine OkoliAugustine Okoli

      Poverty is never a good reason to engage in corruption, everyone knows the difference between rights and wrongs, so one ought to know that corruption is wrong no matter how its being presented and one should be aware of the fact that it has a negative effect and run from it.

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      Grace EneGrace Ene

      Poverty is not a genuine excuse for one to participate in corrupt practices. Human beings are trained to attain some moral standards in life. This morality teaches us the difference between good and evil,the knowledge of good from evil is enough to make one avoid corrupt practices because the mind already condemned it.whether rich or poor, it is discipline that makes the difference, if we say that poverty is a genuine reason why people partake in corrupt practices, then how do we explain the rich and mighty who are still corrupt. In conclusion, I will like to make the submission that what makes a man,is his belief and moral standards. If one has a wrong belief and poor moral standards, then corruption is inevitable in that persons life.

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      Blessing PeterBlessing Peter

      An idle man they say is the devils workshop, when someone is lazy its obvious that the said person will be involved in shaddy attitudes and engage in corrupt practices to survive, even the bible encourages hard work and am certain that the quaran agrees too, we have so many people from a very poor background who went into legit businesses to change their status from minimum to maximum, another fact is that it depends on what have been planted on an individual as a moral, if you train a child to be hardworking and industrious it will eventually happen that way,however if you train a child to lie, steal, and you also has a questionable character the child will eventually follow suit, (Omo ti Ekun ba bi Ekun ni o jo) , on the final note the way corruption is being handled and celebrated in nigeria makes it look like it a legal thing and that is why the poor want to be rich by anymeans possible but its absolutely bad,i submit here that poverty is not a reason to engage in corruption

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      Joy PatrickJoy Patrick

      Poverty can never be a reason for corruption, in one of the definition of corruption its refers to corruption as a Cancer. So poverty can not be a reason to be involved in a more dangerous situation.

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      Oluwaseyi SuwebatOluwaseyi Suwebat

      Poverty is a very powerful tool that have led alot of people to lose their integrity, but should never be reason for you to loose your respect, integrity, love, power, future.remember hard time don’t last, but hard people last.

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      Bukola OluwatosinBukola Oluwatosin

      No poverty should not be the reason to engage in corruption, some times ago an accountant at Bereck battery found a huge amount of money in a draw and returned it to the company ,some of is colleague laugh at him for refunding the money despite not been rich he choose to live an honest life there for it is greed that lead most people to corruption

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      No! Poverty should never be a justifiable reason to indulge in the act of corruption.
      My own opinion, most people engage in corruption act due to Greed and Covetousness.
      The desire to satisfy their insatiable wants.
      The crave for more and the love for money has also promoted this evil act of Corruption, not minding who is being affected.

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      Haruna AbiolaHaruna Abiola

      First,one need to iron out what poverty is before concluding if it’s a good reason for people to engage in corrupt practice.
      Poverty is lack in any of life such as shelter, clothing,food, health,education, economy and all other aspects of life.
      From the above definition, we can see that poverty simply means the State of being poor. But the question is what is the origin of poverty? The answer is corruption. How? The lack in the lives of the citizens of a country can easy be traced to the government. In other words,if the governmental system of a Nation deprive its citizens their rights and couldn’t provide for their needs while disbursing the funds coming into the country for selfish gain,it is called CORRUPTION.
      Back to the question: Is poverty a good reason for people to engage in corrupt practice? NO, because, corruption is the reason for our poverty and using poverty as an excuse is like adding petrol into fire and expect that everything will be okay.
      In a nutshell, poverty is not a license to engage in a corrupt practice at all. In fact it reveals the level of corruption in people.

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      Ogbeifun GodsonOgbeifun Godson

      Poverty is an absence of means to fend or make provision for your need and upkeep.
      And this in not a yardstick for one to engage in practice of corruption in any form. Though the urge may be there to acquire need for your upkeep when it surfaces and you lack the strength to acquire this need.
      Knowing fully well that the arm of law will always catch up with the guilty. One should not dabble into corrupt practice in the name of POVERTY

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      Monday Ageh ogehMonday Ageh ogeh

      Poverty is not a good reason for corruption for any well train person get him/herself involved in.we all know very well that corruption is not a act for someone to practice. So therefore as a well and integrity , we should deviate from such act (corruption).

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