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How can teachers help to fight corruption?

Home Forums Flying Start Anti-corruption Basic Course How can teachers help to fight corruption?

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      How can teachers help to fight corruption?

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      Cordelia EboaguCordelia Eboagu

      The role of teachers in tackling corruption can not be over emphasized. Teachers are role models especially to their pupils/ students. Most of them are seen by their pupils as semi gods . It is therefore instructive that teachers should be good examples in conduct.
      Teachers should do what they can on a personal level to refuse unethical instructions. For instance, there are schools who engage in examination malpractice in external exams. They ask the teachers to assist students in the hall. Such is unethical. The teacher should not comprise his/her values. I have a friend who had to quit her job in a particular school because of that.
      In class.
      The teacher can establish code of conduct. This will enable the children speak against corrupt practices.
      The teacher should ensure the the school’s policies, vision,mission statement and core values are upheld by the pupils.
      Teachers can use various advocacy skills to fight corruption. He can have writes, organize dramas and give talks during assembly periods to reinforce anti corruption practices and expose the ills of corruption.
      Teachers can help fight corruption by creating clubs and avenues such as rewarding integrity to serve as a catalyst to others.
      During classes, teachers should be intentional in integrating anti corruption when teaching various subjects.
      Teachers should not engage in padding of academic data in other to curry the favour of rich parents.

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      Ajet SandraAjet Sandra

      The Role of Teachers in teaching profession cannot be overemphasized. Teachers are the mirror through which the Pupils/Students sees. Teachers helps in the behavioural modification. One of the classification of curriculum theories by (Eisner and Vallance 1974) is “social reconstruction relevance; the curriculum should gives priority to societal needs over individual needs. To them, the purpose of school is to serve the society. Teachers can help fight corruption through the following ways: A. By coming to school in time. B. By upholding high moral standards relevant in the society. C. By not being biase in terms of awarding grades to the learners. D. Teachers should resist religious sentiment, ethnicity and social class scoring the learners. E. Teachers should place priority on the interest of the learners and engage them in cooperative learning strategy.

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      Adedoyin SimiloluwaAdedoyin Similoluwa

      The role of a teacher is the impart relevant skill, knowledge, and attitudes to students.
      The teacher in helping to fight against corruption should be a person of unrelentingng integrity and should inculcate it to the student. He should try the help his students learn the values of hard work.

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      Margaret AwosikaMargaret Awosika

      Students spent about one third of their lives in school, which is about 8 eight daily from Monday to Friday, holidays exempted.
      This shows that teachers can play a role in molding the lives of students. It can be achieved by:
      ° Implementation of anti corruption in subjects
      ° During assemblies, educate the students
      ° Be a good role model, show good examples
      ° Monitoring students behaviour and character, giving them advice where required
      ° Create afterschool activities or school clubs focusing on anti corruption.

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      Precious OlatunjiPrecious Olatunji

      Teachers are seen as mini God by the pupils therefore teacher must be a good ambassador and live as a role model. Teacher should teach pupils integrity and demonstrate integrity in all he/ she does. Teacher should support families in building the right skills, values and attitudes that will make them reach the standard of integrity.

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      Monday Ageh ogehMonday Ageh ogeh

      Teacher must teach pupils how to tackle corruption. Also to train them them from they early age in order to be an integrity person and to know the consequence of corruption, and to avoid it.

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